• Luxury Beach Bed * Nafl. 40,00 / $ 23,00 (located in front of the restaurant)
  • Luxury Cabana * Nafl. 40,00 / $ 23,00 (located on the beach)
  • Remaining Beach Beds Nafl. 6,- (without reservations)

* price includes Zest (rental) towel and a bottle of water

House Rules:

  • Own consumption is prohibited, ask for our menus
  • In case of reservations of a Luxury Beach Bed and a Luxury Cabana, attendance is required before 11:00AM, otherwise your reservation will be canceled.
  • Maximum of 2 adults and 2 children per Luxury Cabana
  • At the Luxury Beach Bed and the Luxury Cabana a nafl. 50.00 deposit will be taken for the Zest towel
  • After 4:00PM there will no longer be a fee for the beach beds, though consumption is mandatory
  • Please only make use of beach beds that are property of Zest Mediterranean


You can make your reservation at Zest Mediterranean by calling or e-mailing to Zest
T. +5999 7470633

We wish you a pleasant beach day!